Margi Rose Interiors is an interior design studio specialising in luxury family living. The team works closely with clients to create their dream home, injecting our laid-back, cosy, contemporary aesthetic.
We believe clever, thoughtful design has a profound impact on how people feel in their surroundings.
From concept to completion, we offer a bespoke service to transform houses into homes, reflecting each clients’ individual style.  Our design schemes are not only beautiful. Importantly we focus on the functional and practical elements needed for everyday living too.
Led by Margi, our studio is personable and approachable, and our experienced team are committed to delivering the very best service and making the design journey more enjoyable for our clients.
Working with private clients and developers across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and London, we’re always happy to talk through a new project.
For clients who are looking for a lighter-touch approach to their design journey, then please see ‘Our Services’ page to find out about the different ways we can work together.

Our Services

Taking interior design into your own hands can be challenging. Time limitations, lack of product and building knowledge, experience and confidence can all hamper your progress when trying to pull together your ideas into a coherent scheme. 
With a focus on luxury family living, Margi Rose Interiors will work closely with you to unearth your style and your living requirements. We can provide both practical and creative ideas that you may not have previously considered, and pull together a design scheme that works for you. By the end of the process, you’ll have a beautiful space that reflects your own style.

Margi Rose Interiors offer a complete interior design service, which enables us to create and deliver beautiful, coherent schemes for our clients from start to finish. The service includes everything from layouts, room planning and designing initial concepts for your home, through to the final installation of all your furniture and finishes.  This full turn key solution is perfect if you have a large renovation or full room refresh and require design and management expertise throughout.

Our hourly consultations are helpful for clients who need light-touch, ad-hoc design advice to guide them through the re-design process, whether that be for one or multiple rooms in their home. Here we consult on layout, furniture, lighting, fixtures and finishes providing our clients with the expertise and tools necessary to realise the vision for their homes. 

One of our passions is creating bespoke pieces of furniture that help elevate and transform a home. Over recent years due to popular demand, we have introduced a new arm to our business which specialises in bespoke kitchen design.  We work with some of the leading joinery companies in the UK to commission high end beautiful designs – whether that be a kitchen, pantry or a standalone unit uniquely designed for your space.

e-Design is the ideal solution if you need some design direction and expertise, and are willing to organise and manage the project yourself. You can tackle one space at a time, allowing you to appoint us at your own pace, and as your budget allows.

Through our online process, we assist our clients using our specialist knowledge, creativity and recommended suppliers.



“Since childhood, I have always been passionate about interiors. As a child a ‘treat day’ for me would have been time spent driving around local show homes with my mum to inspect the interior design schemes! This passion, combined with years of experience, has resulted in an understanding of how a cohesive design scheme can be achieved throughout a living space, whether that be a singular room or whole home. 
One of our areas of expertise is space planning. The best time to get an interiors studio involved is right at the beginning. We can help architects translate what you need in your home into the fabric of the building. The design scheme is not simply about fabrics and furnishings. It’s about understanding the space, the light, the use and location of the room and the clients’ style. The details throughout the process matter, and the result is a beautiful, functional design scheme. 
I love laid-back, fresh and timeless design schemes. Lots of my clients are incredibly stylish people, yet translating that style and their ideas into an interior scheme sometimes needs some support. Indeed, there are also situations where clients need ideas, and are overwhelmed in knowing where to start. Either way, I love exploring this journey with my clients and creating their dream home at the end of the process. “
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Taking interior design into your own hands can be challenging. Time limitations, lack of knowledge, experience and confidence can all hamper your progress when trying to pull together your ideas into a coherent scheme.

With a focus on high end residential projects, Margi Rose Interiors will help by gaining an understanding of your style and requirements.